Why Your Company Needs a CRM to Grow Better

Why Your Company Needs a CRM to Grow Better ?

CRMs are effective tools that accelerate business growth while removing obstacles, enhancing team collaboration across departments, managing contact records, syncing data, automating routine tasks, and more.

CRM to Grow Better

Importance of CRM Software

Telling you this:

This is one of the most often asked questions I have encountered in my role as a CRM Business Consultant in APOTAC

And what about that?

The very next question that arises after I explain the advantages of CRM is –

What CRM is ideal for my company?

It is extremely challenging to run a firm without a methodical strategy in today’s ultra-competitive world.

And I refer to that strategy as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Any company must adhere to the 3C model…

Customers, businesses, and CRM.


What can we infer from this company model?

  • Any type of business is always centred on the customer.
  • Retaining current clients and gaining new ones is the most crucial and challenging challenge for a business.
  • And only CRM can make this happen.

One of the main advantages of CRM software is 

Business Process Automation.

Consider this:

Will being able to automatically record consumer feedback be useful?

Or what if a piece of software advises you to do anything based on a complaint or suggestion from a customer?

Or consistently sends your consumers emails, letters, and personalized gifts?

You may automate practically every type of company necessity using CRM software.

CRM aids in streamlining commercial procedures for a firm. To decrease human error, it standardized and automates sales, marketing, and service activities.

It boosts productivity, quickens corporate procedures, and raises client happiness.

Better Lead To Customer Conversion Ratio

According to the report, just 79% of leads result in sales.

Do you understand why?

Lack of lead nurturing is the main cause of this low performance. 

But don’t fret…

CRM can help with this.

It keeps track of all customer interactions, including when the customer was last contacted, the outcome, and the best product based on feedback from the customer.

CRM provides you with all the data you need to convert leads into customers.

It will undoubtedly increase your lead-to-customer conversion rate.

Short sales period

What is a sales cycle?

Sales time is the time it takes for a business to close a deal. It begins when the salesperson first contacts the prospect and ends when the prospect becomes a customer.

A CRM with sales process automation helps salespeople track and communicate with all leads. It helps complete the sales process quickly and efficiently.

Campaign Management


This is your first step to getting your product to customers.

So it must be flawless. Customer segmentation and campaign management are almost inextricably linked.

Customer segmentation reveals the best groups to target. And campaign management helps to run campaigns and analyze data.

CRM takes advantage of marketing campaigns effectively by automating the process. A well-defined marketing strategy and CRM helps companies to get more qualified leads than traditional campaigns.

CRM reduces campaign costs, analyzes campaign data and predicts future marketing strategies.

Social media marketing 

Also a few years ago, social media marketing was just a buzzword.


Now, it is difficult to grow a business without social media. Think about it: 

Facebook alone has 2 billion active users! 

Not only branding, social media also helps in customer service.

71% of customers who receive quick and effective feedback from social media are more likely to recommend the brand to others. (Source: NM Incite) 

Good social media helps companies reach potential customers. This reduces costs and keeps customers engaged. CRM with social media integration helps businesses to run and track social media campaigns, measure its effectiveness, increase sales, solve customer queries and much more.

Best use of communication channels

Think about it: 

If a prospect prefers email communication to mailing, can you convert them into a customer?

No! It is never possible! 

Even this will create a false impression of your brand. Communication channels are important in any sector – marketing, sales or service.

You need to capture your customers’ favorite communication channels. Implement this process in CRM so that you only reach your customers through your preferred channels.

It is bound to increase the rate of conversion of leads and customers, sales and profits as well as customer loyalty. Group Relations: 

Effective teamwork leads to more leads and increases sales.

For instance, 

Data from the service department can help the marketing department to run more effective campaigns or the marketing department to sell or sell. CRM brings together different departments (such as sales, marketing, operations, management) of an organization.

The purpose of cooperation is to improve the quality of service and customer satisfaction. 

Better data protection

Most importantly, 

Data protection should be a top priority in any business.

In CRM, users can see customer data according to their roles and responsibilities. It helps companies protect customer information from theft or misuse.

A few final words about the importance of CRM software: 

Whatever its size, CRM allows a company to better understand its customer and his work. It provides better customer insights to improve sales and generate revenue.

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