Why to conduct UX Audit and Its Benefits in Business

Let’s say you run an online store where you sell t-shirts made to order. Every day, thousands of people search your website for the ideal item to purchase. They go to the checkout page, check the options that are available, add their favorite items to their cart, and then they leave the page. You begin to wonder why. Is there anything unclear or missing? You are unsure whether your website requires minor updates or a major overhaul.

Every website owner encounters these issues at some point and begins to consider conversion rate optimization. However, the question is how to determine what needs to be optimized. There are numerous components on the site; which should you focus on? 

We will assist you in understanding what a usability audit is and how it can benefit your business as an expert UX agency. Let’s get in touch if you need a partner agency to assist you with a UX audit.

What is UX Audit ?

The process of evaluating the user interface of a website or mobile app is referred to as a UX audit—also known as a usability audit. If you want to find issues with the usability of your digital products, this is a useful tool. Additionally, it can assist you in identifying problematic areas that cause users to abandon their journey.  

While a UX audit can’t fix every issue with a website or app, it can help answer some important questions: 

  • Where do users have trouble comprehending functionality or navigation? 
  • What does the data reveal about users’ habits and requirements? 
  • What could be altered on a website or app to boost its business performance? 

The usability audit should help you identify the core issues in your product that, if addressed, can improve its usability, address user objections, and increase conversion rates.

Send us a message and schedule a free consultation if you’re looking for experts in UX auditing. Our professionals are able to thoroughly examine your product, carry out usability testing, pinpoint the most pressing issues, and recommend the appropriate next steps to enhance its online performance. 

We assisted numerous businesses in conducting a user experience (UX) evaluation to comprehend the factors that prevent customers from converting. According to our experience, 80% of usability issues can be identified with just five user tests. 

An online e-commerce store UX audit, for instance, might reveal that customers are unaware of product delivery information. It may also reveal that users are unsure of how to pay and that there are insufficient payment options. Besides, in the event that your checkout page perpetually stacks, clients will no doubt close it in no time flat. Consequently, these issues may increase a website’s shopping cart abandonment rate. 

However, in order to get the most out of the usability evaluation, this is the time to recommend carrying out a design audit.

Why is UX Audit important ?

It goes without saying that a user experience audit needs to be carried out for the product that will be used for a specific amount of time. It’s possible that the product won’t meet the business objective in the same way it used to because of changing trends. It may result in a number of issues, the most significant of which is the inability to retain users. Because it identifies the aspects of the user experience that aren’t working (as well as those that are working), UX audit is crucial. Most importantly, it lets customers know that they can help them decide how to fix problems with the product. Besides, UX Review can give the accompanying advantages that make it an unquestionable necessity for contemporary endeavors.

What is a UX Audit’s premise?

The objective of a UX Audit is to assess your product’s performance in terms of usability and user experience. It allows stakeholders to see what needs to be improved by examining and rating software products. There are typically four phases to a UX audit, which we have named: exploratory research, in-depth analysis, suggestions that can be implemented, and a plan of action

Exploratory Research 

This phase’s goal is to learn more about your product’s challenges and business objectives. We assemble and dissect important materials, measurements and client information. It leads to productive collaboration and helps us comprehend your business and customers. At this stage, we also collect information from the product owner, the product team, customer service, customer success, and other departments that might be concerned with these usability issues in order to identify issues, collect user requests, errors, and other information.

Deep Analysis 

At this point, we use Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other analytics tools to turn data into insights. We also conduct market research to find competitive solutions and gain a deeper comprehension of your industry’s specific characteristics.

We simultaneously conduct a cognitive product walk-through to examine the product from the customer’s point of view. It makes it possible to identify any challenges that your customers face and missed opportunities to expand your product. Your objectives and the significance of each issue or opportunity determine the order of priority.

Actionable Recommendation

Last but not least, we convert our insights into data-driven suggestions for enhancing the user experience. The UX Audit report’s objective is to provide you with highly actionable solutions that address each problem we find as well as suggestions regarding your mobile or web app’s relevance and value proposition.

Plan of Action 

We suggest next steps and give you a plan for making changes that will help your product reach its full potential. As a result, you can swiftly move on to product development and redesign, which we are happy to assist you with.

When is a UX audit most effective?

UX Auditing can be carried out at any time. However, you can be sure that UX issues must be considered prior to deciding whether to create a new product or redesign an existing one. You should think about UX Audit if you notice that your customers are having trouble using your product, that the design is out of date, or that your revenue is lower than expected.

But when will the audit have the greatest impact? The very beginning of a product or website redesign is the ideal time to conduct a UX review. When ought you redesign? To be honest, at any time if you already have access to analytical data and want to use it to improve your product or if you think your product doesn’t work as intended and don’t know why. Why don’t users sign up, you ask? Why is the trial-to-paying user conversion rate too low and the churn rate too high? Are users acting in a different manner than you anticipated? Those are unmistakable indications that a UX audit is required!

How much does it cost from UX Audit ?

The scope and complexity of the work, who you work with (an expert agency or a single freelancer), and the length of the UX audit all affect how much it will cost.

A usability audit will cost you at least $1,000 to $3,000 if you decide to outsource it and hire independent contractors. For this sum, you ought to basically get an agenda with convenience issues recorded and made sense of. 

Make sure to talk about the results of the audit with a freelancer. In addition, verify the research methods that were used to evaluate the performance of your website. 

We recommend carrying out user testing to learn about issues with usability from actual users. This kind of research gives you accurate and complete information about how well your product works. 

A comprehensive usability audit that takes two to four weeks can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $12,000 from established companies. Designers and researchers are typically assigned by expert agencies to work on the product audit. They inspect the quantitative information, enroll members for client testing and direct meetings to find out about the item’s exhibition. Expert design firms thrive on providing concrete steps to boost business performance and provide comprehensive UX audit reports.

Through user testing and interviews, for instance, UX studio assists our partners in better comprehending the difficulties faced by their customers. We record all interview meetings not to miss any data and remember it for the UX review report.

Our UX audit always includes an expert evaluation of the primary user flows and a list of the most common issues discovered during user interviews. At the conclusion of each mission, we rank the problems with usability that were found and make a detailed plan with suggestions for how to fix each one. 

Let’s talk if you want to make your product easier to use but don’t know where to start. Get in touch with the experts in business electricity and learn how to save energy and work more effectively.

Our specialists will assist you in conducting an in-depth analysis of your product, carrying out usability testing, locating the fundamental issues, and recommending the appropriate actions to take to boost its performance.

Want assistance with a UX audit?

In the event that you might want to run an all encompassing review of your item, find the convenience issues, and work on your item’s presentation — book a free extended meeting with us. We will talk about your current goals and problems, and we will tell you how we can help you do the UX audit. Our professionals are able to thoroughly examine your product, carry out usability testing, pinpoint the most pressing issues, and recommend the appropriate next steps to enhance its online performance.

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