Why Is It Important to Have An Custom Email Address With My Domain?

There are a few main reasons why you should have an address that includes your domain name:

  • It will make your blog look professional
  • You can usually get one free with your hosting account
  • It will help you build trust readers
  • It will make it easier for people to find you

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into why each one of these is so important:

Why Is It Important to Have An Custom Email Address With My Domain?

1. Present yourself in a professional light

The biggest reason to use a domain name email address is that it makes sites look professional.

If you use a Gmail account or something similar, your readers might think you’re blog is nothing more than a hobby.

With a Gmail account, readers are likely to imagine you’re just some guy or girl sitting behind a laptop typing your blog late at night.

And guess what? You might be. But your readers don’t have to know that.

When your email account ties in with your custom domain name, they’ll be less likely to think that.

For all they know you could be a serious team of bloggers churning out the best content on the web.

That’s what you want them to think.

Consider your own habits for a moment.

If you had to message someone about your mortgage payment, would you feel safer emailing. The latter establishes credibility and assures you that this person has some authority. In the world of blogging, credibility is key.

The more credible you are the easier it will be for you to legitimize your blog and increase readership.

With good traffic and steady readership, you can even start monetizing your blog and turn it into a stream of revenue.


2. You Can Get One for Free

Depending on who is hosting your domain, you usually get at least one free domain email to use.

There’s no reason not to use it.

When you are starting a blog, you need to think of your blog as a business.

And as a small business owner, you need to take advantage of every advantage you can.

A free domain email is one of those advantages.

When you are shopping around for your domain name, check what is included with your domain name.

Some services offer free SSL certificates, domain emails, email aliases and more.

Make sure you do your research and get the most bang for your buck.

If free email services and extras are on the table, you may as well take advantage of them and get yourself a free email address!

3. Build Trust With Your Readers

As mentioned above, credibility is key to building trust.

The idea of building trust with your readers goes hand-in-hand with the concept of looking professional.

You want your readers to think of you as the authority on whatever topic you blog about.

You don’t want them to think you’re some kid blogging for a hobby.

It’s crucial that you present yourself as someone who’s consistent, trustworthy, and reliable.

By using a domain email name that ties in with the name of your blog, readers will think you’re more established.

Your blog will look more authoritative and with good content to share, you’ll build trust with your readers.


4. Make it Easy for People to Find You

Having a domain email address will make it easier for readers, followers, and customers to find you.

When you keep a consistent address that relates to your business, people will know where to find you over an extended period of time.

This makes it easier to market your blog or your brand and build momentum for years.

What is Email Forwarding?

Most people have multiple email accounts, but we all have one that we use the most.

Don’t let this be the reason why you attach your Gmail or similar email account to your blog.

With email forwarding, you can list an address with your domain name on your blog and have those emails forwarded to any email account you use.

With email forwarding, any incoming mail to your domain name email can forward to your Gmail or another account.

How Can I Set Up An Email Account With My Domain Name?

So now that you know a thing or two about why domain email addresses are important and how you can use email forwarding, are you ready to set up your account?

There are two main things you’ll need to do: create your domain email address and integrate it with your other email account.

Email domains allow you to setup an email address with @company name using your own business / brand name. You can either buy an email domain, or you can get a free email domain for your business when you create a website.

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