Things you must know before the designing of your Logo

Based on a company’s logo, an impression can be formed in just 50 milliseconds. Because of this, your company absolutely needs to put in the effort necessary to produce something excellent.

A representation of both who you are and what you do is your logo. The design you create needs to be eye-catching and distinctive enough to avoid being mistaken for golden arches, silver apples, graceful mermaids, or red bullseyes. It can be difficult to crack!

Do you want to create a logo that will endure time? When creating it, keep all of the following in mind:

Your logo must come after your brand

Your brand serves as a mental memento for new customers who are market explorers. Because of this, you want your logo to not only be appealing but also to clearly convey the essence of your business. According to Kimbarovsky, “many business owners erroneously believe that once they see a perfect logo, they can build their brand around that logo.” This never works. Your brand should be the source of meaning for your logo, not the other way around. You must have a better understanding of your brand before a logo can convey any information about it. What distinguishes and distinguishes your business in terms of its values, procedures, benefits, products, or services? We have provided logo design assistance to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, small businesses, agencies, and major brands over the past ten years. We’ve found that numerous entrepreneurs haven’t given sufficient ideas to their image. We have created a comprehensive questionnaire for clients who post logo projects to assist them. Our inquiries center on their business, what they do, audience, and preferences. So that logo designers can fully comprehend the requirements, we take their responses and create a “project brief.” Designers are not mind readers, so this is an important step. They’ll make a wonderful showing in the event that you obviously impart how your image separates from the opposition — yet they will not have the option to help assuming you give them too little data to work with.”

Company’s History

McDonald’s golden arches Your story is unique, so try to include some information about your company’s past in the design of your logo. Golden arches are used to represent McDonald’s because that was their original design. KFC depicts the Colonel who developed their renowned recipe. In and outside of fast food, a lot of brands’ logos include references to their history. This clever tribute will help people remember you.

You also can carry your story to the very front. For instance, a bakery owner might use the recipe book of her grandmother, who was the one who inspired her to open a business. A woodgrain font that resembles the first floor they ever laid in a living room might be used by a contractor. Create a list of concepts based on your own story!

Psychology of Color 

Color plays a significant role in how people perceive your logo. As a matter of fact, your image tones can increment memorability up to 80%. It has a lot of power and makes customers feel certain things.

Think about how you want people to perceive you before choosing a color scheme. Are you a law firm that deserves to be taken seriously? The choice of bright red is not the best. What about a company that rents fun bounce houses? The choice of muted whites or grays makes no sense then. You can get the idea.

Use a font 

Use a font that is easy to read in your logo. Do you intend to use text in your logo? The font size matters a lot. You should choose a font with at least 10 points for the best readability. If your message is any smaller, people will require a magnifying glass to comprehend it!

The text style in your logo ought to be not difficult to peruse, however don’t feel like you’re categorized into something exhausting. Take, for instance, the vibrant eBay script, the bold Adidas font, or the dash through the ESPN logo. These designs are still legible and visually appealing.

Balance and proportion in design 

The word “balance” ought to be your mantra for logo design! Symmetry appeals to humans because our brains crave structure and order, according to research. Customers will naturally be drawn to your design if it has a proportional feel to it.

Mirror the weight on either side of the center of your design. Imagine it as a butterfly. The focus is on the body, and the colors and shapes of the wings are similar or identical.

Current Trends 

Netflix’s logo was changed In an ideal world, your logo would be on baseball caps, coffee mugs, and t-shirts. On TikTok, it might even go viral! Your logo will become so beloved by people that it transcends advertising to become a way of life.

You need to keep up with the latest trends in order to reach rockstar status. Netflix changed their logo so that it would look good on all devices when they realized that their customers were streaming from laptops and smartphones. However, there is a catch: you shouldn’t change your logo too frequently. In 2009, Tropicana made the change, which resulted in an insane 20% drop in sales. Your clients want consistency from you!

Final Thoughts: 

Your logo will be on billboards, product packaging, the door sign, and maybe even on an inflatable in the yard! Before you pay a fancy graphic designer to create your logo, you need to really think about all aspects of it. Every day, between 4,000 and 10,000 ads feature logos; therefore, how will yours stand out?

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