Our Services

Web Design and Development

The face is the Index of Mind! Your Website is the Face of Your Business . We understand how the business industry is heavily dependent on having a digital presence of its own. The Start-ups, SMEs, and Large enterprises, of all forms and sizes, are looking forward to a real-time successful website design and development company, like APOTAC for their websites design. We routinely receive a wide array of diverse requirements from a myriad set of clientele for designing great websites.

APOTAC, a web design company, goes hand in hand with the client to understand their requirements. Right from requirements gathering to website hosting, we closely follow each stage of the website development life cycle, keeping our clients informed at every stage. And, we ensure your business websites are SEO-friendly while developing them.

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is becoming extremely popular in the world. The companies, irrespective of their size or turnover, are developing and launching their mobile apps to provide ease of service to their target audience and thereby strengthening their market position. Businesses develop mobile apps based on their target audience’s requirements, market demand, and to provide better and quick service.

The companies can make the decision on the type of platform (Android, iOS, etc.) that should be used to develop the mobile app, based on their target country/market. For e.g. if the app is for South Asian countries then a mobile app on the Android platform will be a better choice. And if the mobile app’s target audience is more in the European and American markets then development on the iOS platform will be preferable. But it is advisable to have a mobile app that is compatible with all types of platforms (Android, iOS, etc.), as every single customer adds value in an expanding business.

Digital Marketing Services

Every single company in 2019 has a digital marketing strategy – to gain visibility, to gain consumer trust and finally, to attract customers. Digital marketing strategies and tactics are a long haul game but they do provide results that will help your business run.

At APOTAC, we help you Strategy, find your audience and niche and finally, implement an omni-channel experience wherever your audience is.

When companies do start digital marketing, they need guidance and support to ensure that the targeting and budgeting are right. Two main factors to ensure that you aren’t blowing a hole through your roof!

UI/UX Design

At APOTAC we have a team of UI UX Designers, who are passionate, creative and work on innovative ideas. We deliver top-quality standard products at our UX design studios in Noida. Techasoft is one of the best UI UX design companies and a UX design COMPANY in Noida, India. Our service is not restricted to only Noida, we provide our design services and solutions all over the world. APOTAC offers various design services to satisfy client requirements with the highest quality, high standard and excellent User Interface and User Experience for all kinds of websites and applications irrespective of the business market on any digital platform. APOTAC is a trusted partner and works with companies of all sizes and all stages of growth.

Our UI UX Design Agency’s services are:

  1. UI UX Design Services
  2. UX Strategy
  3. UX Research
  4. UX Audit
  5. Web Design Services and Solutions
  6. Data Visualization
  7. Digital Marketing

Graphic Designing

APOTAC is the top Leading Graphic Designing Services In Noida , Our design teams that specialize in corporate branding and logo designing offers a spectrum of graphic services including Our comprehensive Graphic Designing solutions deliver prime value and Return on Investment (ROI). From an individual to start-ups to small & medium enterprises to business conglomerates, every client is served with equal respect and one-to-one attention. Our design teams that specialize in corporate branding and logo designing offers a spectrum of graphic services including : 

  1. Print Design (Brochure, Pamphlet, Business Cards, Leaflets, Flyers, Letterhead Designs, Label and Catalogue Designs)  
  2. Brand Identity/Signage 
  3. Logo Designing (Generic and Animated Logos) 
  4. Designs for Social Media Marketing


In addition to online branding, we at APOTAC help our clients plan their conventional media planning on electronic interfaces including radio and television channels. Our network of contacts in electronic media would enable us to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients. We are the best graphic design company in Noida among the IT companies in Noida.

Python Training

Python is the most popular programming language for Data Science as on Today. Python is powerful , easy to learn and flexible tool for coding Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms.

In recent years, Python has evolved immensely with respect to Data Science sphere, with a huge community around Python creating quite a few power data science and analytics packages such as Pandas, Numpy, Scikit Learn, Scipy and more. As a result, analyzing data, modeling machine learning algorithms with Python has never been easier.

Data Science Training

APOTAC offers Best Data Science Training in Noida (Data Science training institute in Noida) , the most comprehensive Data Science course in the market, covering the complete Data Science lifecycle concepts from Data Collection, Data Extraction, Data Cleansing, Data Exploration, Data Transformation, Feature Engineering, Data Integration, Data Mining, building Prediction models, Data Visualization and deploying the solution to the customer. Skills and tools ranging from Statistical Analysis, Text Mining, Regression Modelling, Hypothesis Testing, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Modelling, R Studio, Tableau, Spark, Hadoop, programming languages like R programming, Python are covered extensively as part of this Data Science training. 

SAP Training

SAP skills are the ability to use the SAP software suite to solve business problems. The suite is a set of integrated applications that allow organizations to manage their business processes. Some of the skills in this list require more time or even certification, while others could be learned fairly fast.