How to promote your business using Social  Media Platform

How to promote your business using Social  Media Platform:-

Let’s understand first what social media is; so basically it is a type  of  service  to connect  online with different people and share information. People access it via smart phones, laptops etc. People use it for different purposes like increasing the network across the world,  from a business point of view to promote it  etc.

Some social media are Twitter, Instagram,Linklden etc.People  create their profile on these social media platforms by providing their name, contact number, or email address.It helps people to share their content with all those connected to other people.

We can share any picture or video with a caption hence it promotes digital marketing and it attracts a lot of audiences and clients.It is one of the fastest platforms to spread any important information .Information form quality refers to the information content features that can meet the information needs of the public and bring value to the public, including the richness of the information, such as whether there are videos, pictures, and micro topics .

Also it helps freelancers and creators to get public reviews so that they can work over their products accordingly. People are free to also participate in different kinds of discussion anywhere and anytime. Analysing the influencing factors of public opinion is conducive to optimise company management and information diffusion management.

Few companies who amended their verdict on the basis of public reviews are Pepsi , announced it will stop using aspartame as a sweetener in diet pepsi; McDonald’s announced it plans to eliminate the use of chicken etc and many other big brands change their decision according to the public demands and complaints.  It saves time and effort in terms of spreading any information , advertisement etc.

Advantages of Social Media:-

1) Helps in making connections:-We can connect with millions of people at the same moment.

2)Provides a platform to spread and share contents:-It provides a better channel to communicate, explore and share information.

3)Attracts Clients:-It seeks out audiences, new consumers and thus, improves the performance of business.

Disadvantages :-

1)Privacy:- It harms your personal life. People can post anything about you. This always happens with big celebrities, business icons .

2)Fraud:-People make their fake profile , tell you that they will provide a job, just you need to give money and some credentials and people get cheated by such frauds. 

3)Cyber-bullying:-People troll other people’s videos, images, posts and criticise them. This is one of the worst drawbacks of social media.

4)Hacking:-It is a process where a device comes under the control of a person who is not known to you and he can post whatever he wants from your account other people would think that it is you who is posting such a post and yes that post can be offensive for others. Hacking is considered illegal everywhere. 


It is useful for providing information, to know public opinion over any decision , a very vast platform for the education world i.e it is helpful for students so that they can access all study materials, resources to boost their knowledge. However it has many weak points also as there is no one to restrict anyone and make rules in order to  provide  real and authentic data.Also sometimes people posts vulgar contents which can affect a growing child’s mental health and hampers his/ her vision of life.Also sometimes people posts vulgar contents which can affect a growing child’s mental health and hampers his/ her vision of life. It must be suggested there must be some management who should take some decisions so that users feel free to use it for his/her betterment.

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